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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup



Microblading is a Semi-Permanent technique that uses a disposable handheld blade to create natural and fine hair strokes. This method suits anyone from a sparse brow to someone who has overplucked their brows over time.

Yearly Colour Boost - £150

Six Month Colour Boost - £75



Ombre Brow is one of the latest techniques within the SPMU range. This technique gives you the 'Makeup Look' Brow, using pixelated dots with a tattoo machine to create a flawless and crisp brow without any strong lines. The front can either be finished with hair strokes to create a Combo Brow or faded into a light colour for an Ombre finish. 

This technique is great for all skin types, less touch up time and scaring.

Yearly Colour Boost - £200

Six Month Colour Boost - £125

Eyebrow Treatment
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